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Jason Chan | May 17, 2022

The Problem with Loan Calculator Apps

CRUD App vs Spreadsheets

Jason Chan | April 6, 2022

Spreadsheet Fundamentals

Lessons for beginners

Jason Chan | March 29, 2022

Coinbase Cost Basis Excel Template

Coinbase analysis in Excel

Jason Chan | March 13, 2022

Time Series

How to work with time series in a spreadsheet

Jason Chan | March 1, 2022

How cell reference locking works

Those confusing dollar signs you see in the formulas

Jason Chan | March 1, 2022

Where are all the (online) spreadsheets?

Show me the spreadsheets

AJ Nandi | February 28, 2022

Excel 2.0

The spreadsheet of the future

Jason Chan | February 28, 2022

How to use the OFFSET function

Level up your modeling skills

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