Rediscover the magic
of spreadsheets

Subset is a modern spreadsheet built on an endless canvas.
Build, automate, and share beautiful analysis in minutes.

Subset - Rediscover the magic of spreadsheets

For spreadsheet lovers

No compromises. Keyboard first navigation, formulas, cell reference locking, and shortcuts for everything.

Powerful and opinionated. No kanban boards, or fancy databases. For people serious about number crunching.

Building blocks

Abstract and automate. Group cells into blocks. Simplify common workflows.

Share and remix. Never build analysis from scratch.


More space for numbers

Canvas first. Organize your data organically. Group data and visualize connections.

Streamlined. Clean menus, simplified formatting, extensive keyboard shortcuts.

The first community for spreadsheets

Get inspiration. Find common analysis workflows. Or create and publish your own.

Collaborate securely. Decouple sensitive data. Only share underlying analysis, not your private data.


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