Simple Budget (Starter Pack)

About this template

This template is super simple and you could build it yourself with very limited spreadsheet or Subset knowledge!

To recreate:

  1. Create two grids that have two columns called “Money In” and “Money Out” You can use the top toolbar and click the grid or you can right click anywhere on the canvas and create a grid that way.
  2. Select a grid where you want to summarize the column and hover over the bottom footer row (the colored row). Click and select the total option.
  3. Create a third grid called “Money Left Over” and type the formula =sum('Money In'!B:B)-sum('Money Out'!B:B). By summing the entire columns, you never have to update this formula regardless of how many rows you have in your other two blocks!
  4. Create a pie chart on the canvas. Charts come pre-linked to sample data, which you can use or delete.
  5. Click the pie chart and for chart data, select the “Money Out” block.