How Long to Diet (V2)

About this template


This is an update to my original “How Long to Diet” Subset. It’s based on the video: How Long Should You Diet To Get A Six-Pack? ( See that video for a more in depth explanation.

What to Fill in

Change the numbers shaded in blue. There are 3 total values you need to input which are located in two separate grid blocks: (1) Current Weight Sheet; and (2) Goal Body Fat Block.

Current Weight Block

  1. Current Weight (lbs)
  2. Current Body Fat (in decimals) so 29% is 0.29

Goal Body Fat Block

  1. Goal Body Fat % (in decimals) so 22% is 0.22

What it Calculates

  1. How many weeks long it will take to loose in the Goal Body Fat Block (highlighted in yellow).
  2. The (estimated) date you finish your diet in Finish Diet Date Block (highlighted in green).