College Group Project Manager

About this template


  • Assignment Information - Copy and paste the assignment information given by the professor
  • Shared Files - if you have files that you shared like a google slides presentation or a google docs then include it in this notes

Group Information

  • Roles & Responsibilities - Include the roles and responsibilities for each person
  • Contact Information - Have the contact info for every group member
  • Meeting Dates - Write down the dates the group is meeting up. Include the time, location and focus of the meeting.

Important Project Information

  • Project Assessment - Calculates how the project is assessed. Just include the point breakdown and description (which are in red) and Subset will calculate the percentages and the total.
  • Due Dates - If the professor has due dates for certain parts of the project include them in here


Include the tasks the group still needs to do. It has spaces to add who the task is assigned to, when it’s due, a description, and any other notes necessary.


Write down the resources used for this project. It has spaces for title, format, description and link (or source) to the project.