Budget vs Actual (Starter Pack)

About this template

Step 1: Build out a Chart

  1. Create a grid. Use top toolbar and click the grid icon or you can right click anywhere on the canvas and create a grid that way.
  2. Name the title of the grids by right clicking on column headers

Step 2: Use autofill

  1. In cell D1, use the formula =B1-C1 to get the difference between budget and actual
  2. Then while you’re selecting cell D1, click the autofill down button in the tooltip
  3. Now this formula will autofill to the bottom of the grid no matter how many rows this grid has!

Step 3: Chart Instructions

  1. Create a pie chart and a bar chart on the canvas. Charts come pre-linked to sample data, which you can use or delete.
  2. Because the grid we built doesn’t perfectly match up to the chart data, we will just link up the pre-linked chart grid with the grid we created

For Pie Chart:

  1. Click the pre-linked chart grid, and in the tooltip, click link row reference.
  2. Then in the dropdown, select the category column from the grid we created earlier
  3. In Cell B1, type =sumif('Summary by Category'!A:A,A1,'Summary by Category'!B:B).
  4. By summing the entire columns, you never have to update this formula regardless of how many rows you have in your other two blocks!
  5. While you’re hovered over cell B1, click the Autofill Down Button in the tooltip

You can do the same for the Bar chart!