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Subset, faster ๐Ÿš€

We rebuilt our entire editor for better performance

This is the biggest update to Subset since December. It has completely changed how I use Subset, and Iโ€™m hoping you all can feel the difference as well!

You can expect significant improvements with any interaction in the editor. Everything from scrolling, arranging tables, selecting blocks and cells, alignment, grouping, cloning, and should feel more fluid.

More fluid zoom, selection, and drag

A demo of zooming around a subset canvas

Faster cloning, and alignment lines

Screenshot of cloning subset tables

Insert thousands of professionally built templates into the canvas

Being able to share and then insert a spreadsheet into your own is one of the earliest ideas behind Subset. Now you can open the template finder and insert a template directly into the canvas with one click.

A screenshot of subset templates

A new template gallery

We redesigned our template gallery. You can search, browse by categories and view what other members of the Subset team have created. Check out some of our teamโ€™s favorites here:

A screenshot of Subset's new template home page