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Splitting Grids and Naming Columns

Formatting a spreadsheet row header

Naming columns

If you ever start typing out names of columns in row 1 or any row, but then realize you want them to be the name of each column you can use this shortcut to quickly update the column names.

Split a spreadsheet in Subset

Splitting Grids

You can now split grids into smaller grids. We've found this to be really useful for adding structure organically over time to your sheets. Deciding where to put data ahead of time can be challenging, but this allows you to type everything out, and then start to split it up into blocks where the data is more aligned or grouped together.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added a note to check spam folder on email confirmation
  • Added a shortcut key for adding and deleting rows
  • Fixed a text formatting issue on column formats
  • Fixed a bug with the input box of the row and column dimensions
  • Added a menu to create an account for anonymous subset viewers
  • Added back filter icons
  • Fixed a bug in block references causing them not to show up