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Sharing Subsets

If they don’t have an account, they will get an email prompting them to create one. You still have the option to make a subset public, so anyone can join via a link whether or not they have an account. We’ll be adding more permissions like “can view” and “can comment” soon!

Subset logged in home screen with create new file button

A more organized file navigator

Any file you view will now show up in your recents as well as shared with you, in addition to all your personal files and saved subsets.

Selecting a graph in Subset editor

Improved charts

The chart config menu will now stay open while editing your chart’s data. You can also format your x axis labels by updating your cell formats.

Other fixes, improvements, and updates

  • Fixed a bug where the right clicking the top left corner of the grid would crash the editor
  • Clicking on any part of a chart now properly selects the chart
  • Fixed an issue with importing CSVs with formatted columns
  • Improved styling of the share modal
  • Fixed a bug where cloning a subset would result in two different names
  • Added an info section to the view dropdown menu
  • Fixed a bug where filtering breaks when columns have formatting
  • The onboarding tutorial closes when exiting the editor
  • Charts now inherit number formatting from their source grids
  • Fixed a bug where after selecting a block title, resizing stopped working
  • Fixed an issue with how ranges display in the formula bar
  • Moving the cursor down or right, at the edge of a grid, while holding shift will now create new rows or columns
  • Autofill down and across CMD/CTRL + D or R now works for full row and column selections
  • Filter blocks will now expand to their full size whenever a filter changes
  • Filter blocks should now also not affect their source data when dragging to resize
  • Performance fix: reduced the time to create a new file and clone a subset
  • You can now type TRUE and FALSE directly into formulas without needing quotes
  • Fixed resizing the width of the last column in a grid
  • We’ve locked cells inside of filter blocks to make it more clear that they can only be edited inside the filter block’s source
  • Fixed an issue with the export option in the settings dropdown menu
  • Column header names will now show up in csv exports
  • We’ve added a loading indicator to uploading a file from the home screen