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Quick Calcs ⚡️

We often get feedback that formulas are the most intimidating part of spreadsheets. I find them tedious at best, and can never remember the correct order of arguments for a SUMIF vs SUMIFS. But for better or worse, they have stood the test of time.

We’ve wanted to find a way to simplify formulas for a while, but we could never really figure out something that was simpler, still compatible, and widely understood. While building thousands of templates for our gallery, we had a realization that most of the formulas we all write are just simple summaries, groupings, and cleanup functions. So instead of trying to kill this formulas, we decided to just put them a few clicks away, right where you’d expect.

⚡ Introducing Quick Calcs: The most common formulas just a few clicks away

Analyze data like you’re building a flow chart. Drop in a CSV or copy over a table. Quickly group data, filter and summarize tables, build fully linked workflows, and clean up messy tables. The best part is that it all outputs in just your regular everyday normal spreadsheet formula cells… not a pivot table! Edit the formulas further, add more analysis, or just format and export. Read more here.

∑ Group and summarize tables

Grouping, summing, or counting a dataset by some column is one of the most common things we found ourselves doing. Not even the fastest Excel keyboard wizards like my cofounder Jason can write a SUMIF this fast.

Subset screen recording showing a grouping and summary operation

🔗 Build linked up workflows

For whatever reason, removing duplicates in other spreadsheets is a one time action. Any time you add more data, you need to rerun it. We just built a de-duper directly into our sheet. It will always be linked up, de-dupe once and be done!

Subset screen recording showing a table linking operation

✂️ Filter data with a new separately linked table

Want to only see debit card payments over $80? Create a new table with only those charges with a few clicks.

Subset screen recording showing a filter operation

🧹 Cleanup messy data

Need to capitalize something but have no idea what the formula is? Quickly cleanup messy data without needing to know.

Subset screen recording showing a cleanup operation

🔧 Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a number of clipboard issues across sheets and from other spreadsheet tools
  • Fixed an issue with typing in numbers with a % sign
  • Fixed an issue with deleting autofilled cells
  • Fixed an issue with losing the grid selection
  • Added placeholders before drawing grids and other canvas shapes
  • Fixed an issue with file titles being cutoff
  • Autofilled cells now also fill formatting
  • Linked rows and columns are now locked to prevent editing the cells
  • Added the option to hide the ABC 123 grid headers on tables
  • Added a remove duplicates option to all column and row references