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Cover Image for More Canvas

More Canvas

We’re working on an entirely new toolbar with the goal of putting the buttons closer to where your mouse actually is when you’ve selected something, stay tuned for that!

Importing a XLS with multiple tabs into Subset

Importing .xlsx files

You can drag a xlsx file directly onto the canvas. Each sheet will appear as a new block.

Selecting multiple blocks on Subset's canvas

More canvas-like node selection

The multi-select tool is now default enabled. You can now click and drag to select multiple grids. You can toggle to use the hand tool, which can be used for panning.

Paste Transpose Example in Subset using Shortcuts

Copy and paste columns

Full columns and rows can now be copied and pasted. If you’re a full spreadsheet-nerd like some of us, you can see above that we built a new way to paste transpose between columns and rows. If you tried that in Sheets or Excel you would probably be surprised at what happens. We pushed a big performance update on copy and paste as well. Cells with formats will now paste ~10x faster than before.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where the editor would timeout after some inactivity
  • We’ve removed the max column width, so feel free to make them as wide as you’d like
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a file wouldn’t show up to shared users
  • Fixed a bug where the MATCH formula wouldn’t work with an empty row
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a grid wouldn’t bring it to the front of the canvas
  • When you upload a file, the block will now become that filename