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Cover Image for Live Cursors

Live Cursors

You will now see live cursors for anyone using subset live with you! This is in addition to showing which cell they’re selected in, as well as any block, with a colored outline.

Subset easy to use toolbar with preview

Improved Tooltips

Many of you have told us that you like our “minimal design” with our toolbar up top and our floating tooltips when you select a block. We like it too because it gives you more space on the canvas to actually do work. But we noticed, that sometimes for beginners, there isn’t enough context to know what each button does. This week we added images and descriptions into each of our icons upon hover to give a quick reminder of what each button does

Subset easy to use toolbar to quickly select color schemes for a graph

New Chart Color Options

Other fixes and improvements

  • Single click to update file title
  • Make filter operations persist after selecting
  • The file navigator stays open or closed between files
  • Aligned the top toolbar better with avatar bubbles