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A Home for your Analysis

Individual files and spreadsheets often feel too ephemeral. We get lost in an endless list of sheets and files, and forget why we ever even created that one credit card expense tracker 3 years ago. If we had just remembered to keep it up to date, maybe we’d have actually stuck to our budget that year.

This is why Subset now shows you all the files in your own workspace right inside the canvas. We want you to have all the context you need and be able to quickly jump between files. The next time you open up your credit card charges, you’ll remember you already did all the hard work putting one together last year.

We’ll be releasing a bunch of improvements to this in the coming weeks. Nested folders, reordering, favorites, duplicating files, and team workspaces, but we’re so excited about this small but big change that we wanted to ship it today.

We think this navigator gives Subset a feeling of more permanence, a home for your analysis. Spreadsheets don’t need to be one-off tools that we forget about, or always end up starting from scratch. We want you to create your own toolkit, and be able to reuse them later. Keep all these trackers, calculators, and reporting tools in a place you’ll remember.