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Revolutionizing Fitness Coaching: The Ultimate Client Fitness Template

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The market for fitness influencers and coaches is ever-growing. Becoming one isn’t as easy as it sounds though. Everyday in this saturated space, passionate individuals are deciding to take on a mission to impact lives and construct their distinctive brand. Embarking on a journey as a fitness coach is equivalent to starting a business. The challenges are even more pronounced doing it yourself without the support of a co-founder or established framework. At it’s core, this is what a fitness coach does:

  1. Program Design and Customization: Tailor fitness programs to individual clients' goals, preferences, and limitations.
  2. Progress Tracking: Regularly assess and track clients' progress to make informed adjustments to their programs.
  3. Goal Setting: Collaborate with clients to set realistic and achievable fitness goals.
  4. Nutrition Guidance: Provide personalized dietary recommendations aligned with clients' fitness objectives.

As someone whose most likely passionate about fitness, doing these four things for yourself or for your friends won’t be so difficult. The hard part is scaling these efforts and communicating to clients in a professional manner to give them the best experience possible. Sending multiple documents, PDFs, links, and online calculators won’t cut it for the client looking for a streamlined and easy way of reaching their goals.

We’ve seen many coaches resort to solutions like building their own all in one mobile app or using one like Lenuse Health. Apps like these do a great job of providing a one stop shop for your clients to view their program, nutrition, progress, and updates. However, so far Subset’s Fitness Client Template is the only solution that allows you to customize the entire cliental experience to your branding and personality. In other words, Subset does everything that these apps can do, except it excels when it comes to storytelling and communicating to the client exactly how they’re going to get to their goals. A coach’s perspective on the fitness journey will never be the same as the clients, but we’re here to hopefully bridge that gap.

What does this template include

  • Take down specific notes on each client, from biostatistics to previous injuries, and even food preferences!
  • Lay out meal plans and ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • A dashboard of specific macros your client should be eating. Change it up by day, weeks, or months if needed
  • A tracker for your client to put in their daily macros

How To Personalize the Client Fitness Template

Step 1: Remove / edit pieces of the template you don’t think resonate with the way you currently coach

Step 2: Add in tables and text blocks for content you want to track and deliver to your client

Step 3: Add in arrows and drawings to better communicate how all these individual pieces of the program work together to help the client towards their goals

Link to template